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As Emin Textile, we provide high quality service to our customers, respectful and sensitive to the environment, meet the expectations before and after sales, provide a safe environment for employees, follow the global economic conditions, look forward to tomorrow, trust our customers and suppliers in all kinds of economic conditions. Emin Textile is a company which aims to represent its country proudly and aims to increase its quality in the world trade market day by day. We are honored to serve our valued customers with its raw fabric production in 3600m² area, with experience and knowledge in home, hotel and hospital textiles. Thank you for your support and trust.
Establishing in 2000 with the purpose of operating in fabric and furnishing field, our company 2009 A.Y.T. Kumascilik San. Tic. Ltd. Sti is carrying on its works as a FAMILY company. Having the showroom in Aksaray with wide range of quality design and model, our center has its head office there; also we have the second hot sale branch in Merter. With its well-known brands and sales points abroad, A.Y.T. tekstil represents an important company contributing in our country economically within the home textile field. A.Y.T. Tekstil taking on the exports of the products from our company to the worldwide markets, conducts exportation into many different countries and exports 70 % of its sales to abroad. A.Y.T. Tekstil in which the marketing and sales activities are conducted within a harmonious team-work, has been carrying on its operations in an up-to-date, innovative and dynamic way by keeping up with all innovations of the home-textile field both in Turkey and in the world since the day it was established in 2000 up to now.
OZEGE MENSUCAT has been established in Usak/Turkey in year 2004. OZEGE MENSUCAT is subsidiary of RAN GROUP which are one of largest textile corporation and Brands. Our company is one of leader woven fabric manufacturer mainly Pocketing and lining fabrics, Shirting fabrics, Pants fabrics, Workwear and uniform fabrics. We have a large fabric collection that our fabrics have different compositions of polyester, cotton, viscose, floss, cotton/elastane(lycra), cotton/polyester fabrics. .we are producing different type of fabrics having different widths, weights and qualities according to customer requests. Although we are the market leader in Turkey in terms of monthly pocketing fabric production and sales. we have different type of fabrics which are mainly used to shirts ,trousers, work clothes and uniforms. With our capacity of 1.500.000 meters/month, we completely focus on customer satisfaction with fast delivery fabrics from Stock or new production. To provide the best service to our customers, we continously develop in the newest production techniques with technologic equipments. More than long years of experience in the Textile industry lets us to apply the best practices in the areas of customer relationship management, production & research. As a result of our investments and quality standards followed inside the company, we cooperate with the important ready-to-wear companies and brands in mainly Middle East , Europe, North Africa and our customer base together with our production capacity increase day by day As an industry leader. Eco-friendly production is one of our company policies that we are strict on and we continuosly put our efforts to increase our energy efficiency and use more renewable energy resources. According to our policy, the materials used in the production process is chosen with utmost care to protect the environment autecological balance in accordance with OEKO-TEX and other standards.
Internet Tekstil is a vertically integrated company from spinning to garment. Company completed its vertical operations in house and as a result of this, decreased the lead time up to 4 weeks in fast fashion orders. Internet Tekstil employs some 1000 people in its spinning, knitting-dyeing-finishing and garment production carried out in a total of 200.000 square meters of which 80.000 is closed, 120.000 open. The company is based in Adiyaman in Southeast of Turkey, one of the most culturally charged centers in the country. Internet Tekstil has a daily production capacity of 20 tons of spinned yarn, 15 tons dyed, 10.000 tons of raw fabric, 2000 meters of pigment printed fabrics 20.000 pieces of garments with piece printed and embroidery on. As well as being one of the largest fully integrated yarn-to-finished-product facilities under one roof in the garment sector anywhere in Turkey, the company is also one of region’s largest firms in terms of creating employment. Internet Tekstil manufactures for internationally renowned brands such as Superdry, Next, Celio, Levi’s, Esprit, Terranova, Palmers, Ernsting’s Family. Apart from its main production facilities in Adiyaman, the company has subcontracted production companies in nearby cities. Keeping its competitive edge in price, quality and capacity, Internet Tekstil also cooperates with supplier firms with the express purpose of supplying ever superior service and products to its customers. Internet Tekstil is an active member of Istanbul Textile & Apparel Exporter Associations (ITKIB) and has been ranked at the 498th level among “1000 largest exporters”.
Tur-ip Sewing Thread Manufacture Co. was founded in 1976 in Istanbul, and has been producing polyester yarn for Turkey since the first day its machines started working. In time, with its successful development policies and rising quality, went beyond Turkey’s borders and built distribution centers in various regions in the world. In Tur-ip’s dictionary, the word “stop” doesn’t exist. In Turkey, Europe, North Africa, Asia, and with you, the whole world, the goal is to have a robe in every wardrobe sewn from Tur-ip thread.
Karsal Orme A.S. was founded in 1995 by the second generation family members of the KOKSAL family, which started textile business in Trabzon in the 1970s with peshtemal. Karsal has the infrastructure to make all kinds of knitting such as three yarns, two yarns, single jersey, ribana and interlog with 96 pieces of Meyer & Cie etc. branded knitting machine and 150 employees. Operating on 10.000 m2 closed area Karsal produces 10,000 tons of raw and dyed fabric on average. Karsal integrates with BOYTEKS Boya Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Sti. textile finishing and dyeing corporate. With its strong financial structure and the strength of being an integrated enterprise, in line with customer demands Karsal delivers dyed and ready-to-cut fabrics to its customers by carrying out all transactions after yarn supply in its own business and under its responsibility.
Akmen Fabrics Industry and Trade A.S, established in 1970, belongs to the most important companies in the fields of “FANCY YARNS'' and “KNITTED FABRICS” in Turkey. Starting with the fibre preparation plant in the 10,000 m2 Avcilar (Istanbul) facility , we produce fashionable fancy yarns like Bouckleé, Frizeé, burl etc. With the use of these yarns we produce circular knitting fabrics. With our 70 employees , we offer our customers world-wide and in Turkey innovative yarns and knitted fabrics , which needs competitive power, activated own contribution and special diligence . Taking into account the globalization of the textile sector we try to reach permanently and always the best and develope each day new deseigns and models. 80% of our productions are provided by the customers in Turkey, which are exporting knitwear garments world-wide . Remaining 20% of our production we are exporting as fabrics to European countries.
We met textile in 1967. Between 1967-1987, the production and marketing of rugs, blankets were made in Besni. We have been manufacturing rugs and blankets since 1987. Our factory is an integrated facility. Apart from yarn, weaving, chemical finish, garments, etc. we started home textile production in 2010 (quilt, linens, mattress covers, pillowcases, etc.) and yarn production started in 2014. Our production facility consists of 3 different factories and the total closed area is 23.500 m2. GUNESHAN MENSUCAT, which has made the principle of continuous development and Ataturk values ​​as a principle, continues to offer better quality and better service with its solid staff and experience that renews itself day by day.
Kutlucan Textile Ltd. was founded in 2012 in Bursa, Turkey. With 30 years of experience, It started production in 2014. Our Spinning and Texturing machines are German technology. Our production are FDY and DTY of polyamide 6 and 6.6. Our yarn capacity is 2.700 tons per year. Polyamide 6 yarns are produced in hundreds of colors and new colors can be done upon request. Our company is environmentally friendly due to dyeing the yarn in the melt.